Silicone Snack Cup - Pebble Grey

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Our silicone snack cups are spill proof and collapsible. They are 100% food grade safe and hygienic. These snack cups are not only stylish but they are effective at not letting snacks spill all over the floor due to the soft silicone flaps holding them in place. This helps to prevent messy incidents, which let's be honest we have all been there! These snack cups are made of soft silicone and the flaps are soft, so will not hurt little hands when entering for their snacks whether on the go or at home. They have a large holding handle with non-slip grip, so perfect for little ones to hold onto. Let's face it nobody wants to take a snack away from their kid. They also come with a dust proof lid, which is a tight and snug fit to keep any unwanted bits like grass, sand or dirt out of the snack cup.  Perfect for your little one starting on their weaning journey and for those little ones that just love a snack. Easy clean and resists stains makes this snack cup even more appealing, and they are BPA free, anti-bacterial, sustainable and washable. A collapsible design makes these perfect when travelling or out and about. 

They are a must have for any baby/toddler and an essential for parents. Our matching weaning sets also make the perfect gift for a new arrival. 

Info & Care

  • Silicone -¬†100% Food Grade Silicone
  • Care - Wash with soapy water / dishwasher safe (top-shelf)
  • Soft, durable, resists stains, easy clean, anti-bacterial
  • BPA free
  • Perfect for¬†travelling as spill proof and collapsible
  • Dust proof lid to keep snacks secure when not in use.¬†
  • Pebble Grey style, perfect for any baby