Silicone Training Cup - Khaki Green

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Our silicone training cups come with a lid, straw and handles, but can be used as an open cup which supports baby led weaning. Toddlers can learn to drink independently with this cup and the silicone design is 100% food grade safe and hygienic. The cup's small simple design makes it perfect for little hands to learn how to hold a cup by the handles and take small sips. The latest advice from Public Health England now encourages infants from 6 months to drink from a free-flow cup. By introducing this early to your baby it can help in developing their fine motor skills. There are many reasons to offer an open cup including, avoiding further transitions from bottle, to spout, to open cup; experts agree it is better for your baby's teeth; and helps jaw development.

Our cups allow both sets of motor skills to develop, with the open cup teaching them to sip, and the straw option if your baby prefers to suck. Both options we provide with this cup will promote their development, as both methods require different use of the tongue and mouth. Using a small amount of liquid in the beginning, means that the cup won’t be overloaded or too heavy to lift and you can assist them at the beginning so that they can perfect their techniques on their weaning journey. 

They have non-slip grip to make it easier for little hands. Easy clean and resists stains makes this cup even more appealing, and they are BPA free, anti-bacterial, sustainable and washable. A small design makes these perfect for mealtimes.

They are a must have for any baby/toddler and an essential for parents. Our matching weaning sets also make the perfect gift for a new arrival. 

Info & Care

  • Silicone - 100% Food Grade Silicone
  • Care - Wash with soapy water / dishwasher safe (top-shelf)
  • Soft, durable, resists stains, easy clean, anti-bacterial
  • BPA free
  • Perfect for babies/toddlers due to the small design and handles
  • Experts agree open cups are better for babies teeth and fine motor skills
  • Green style, perfect for any baby