About Us

Our Story

We are a small family run business excited to share our brand that concentrates on stylish and modern baby essentials. After having our baby girl we saw an opportunity to showcase our style in offering aesthetically pleasing baby products, whilst also finding the most practical and sustainable products. Our main mission is to provide a fashionable product that fits with your taste and décor, but also be functional for your little one. We know how important it is to provide the safest environment for your baby and our products allow for this while not compromising on style. We have parents and babies in mind. 

When shopping for our little one we were on the hunt for simple and stylish prints and we were not huge fans of the crazy colours and styles we came across. That was how Wild Ayanda was born after we decided we would source and design our own. 

        Wild Ayanda silicone bowls About Us

Our Brand 

Ayanda means "they're increasing" and usually represents the foundation of more to come. Wild Ayanda is an extension now to our family and we can safely say there is definitely more to come. Named after our baby girl's middle name, we are now on a wild ride to make our dream come true of the reality of our business Wild Ayanda.  

Each and every one of our products are used by our little family. It was important to us to bring products to the market that we are proud of and true fans of. We are looking for the best products that are simple, stylish, practical and durable. All very important features that we want to stand by in delivering to our customers. We only want to sell products that we genuinely feel fit our mission statement. 

Our Journey

We hope Wild Ayanda continues to grow and we will be adding more products in the future and are so excited to see our young brand grow and expand. We appreciate all your support on our journey.